OSG#1 Attendees

Below is a list of the artists planning to attend so far. Thanks too to Louise Woodcock and Helen Shanahan who’ve agreed to photograph and film the event.

Graham Dunning
I’m an artist working in sound, installation and performance. For the workshop I’ll be using turntables and modified records, field recordings and other objects.

Dallas Simpson
Location performance binaural sound artist specializing in environmental improvisation.
Bringing custom binaural recording rig, 2 X HA8000 headphone distribution amps for up to 16 headphones for binaural headphone listening. Please bring your own headphones.

Musician, sound artist and instrument designer, Mr.Underwood is renowned for his distinctive and varied approach to sound creation. Part circuit-bender, part inventor, part musician…you never know quite where his experimentation is going to lead.

Antonio (hellocatfood)
I’m a digital artist whose artwork focuses on the errors and glitches generated by digital technology. I’ll be bringing my laptop as well as a few noisy boxes (atari punk console, possibly a drawdio)

Andy Ingamells
I am a composer, using materials that I find around me to create scores and performances.

Sarah Farmer
Farmer’s work focuses upon the inherent sounds of everyday objects such as resonant frequencies and motors noises, and the musical and mathematical patterns that can be found and utilised within them. Working in a low-fi method, Farmer’s work often uses simple technologies like microphones, loop pedals and amplifiers to ‘play’ objects like instruments; reverberating, looping and amplifying sounds made when interacting with the objects.

Leon Trimble
Leon Trimble is a video artist VJ and AV performer from Birmingham, England.

Rachel M. Haines
Rachel M. Haines explores the physicality of sonic information and musical language. Working from both electronic resources and graphical representations Haines’ enquiry deals with fidelity, displacement, a Romantic absurdity and the casting of space.

Joe Snape
I write music and sound-based performances, and particularly like nice things that aren’t too serious. On Saturday I’ll bring a laptop with a homebrew programme that stretches shards of recordings over minutes, into which I’ll (or you’ll) drop field recordings involving a saw made the day before at the Rea garden. I’ll also bring said saw and a bow.

a.a.s sometimes work with sound, but often remain silent on this issue.


About Graham Dunning

Artist working in sound, installation and performance; Improvising musician and drummer. Based in London. http://grahamdunning.com
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