OSG01 Live From the Fire Room: Recordings released for free download

Following the two day event at The Rea Garden and The Lombard Method in August 2010, the recordings are now available for free download from the Open Sound Group netlabel: click here to visit the release page.

On Friday 20th August 2010, participants were invited to visit The Rea Garden artists’ project space to collect field recordings, sound objects or ideas; to explore and get a feel for the site; and to talk to Graham Dunning about his work as resident artist there. The site itself is a former industrial unit which was derelict for 20 years following a fire. As such it contains a wealth of interesting objects and scrap, including pieces of broken shellac from its former use as a record warehouse.

The workshop took place on Saturday 21st August in the project space at The Lombard Method (known as “The Fire Room”). The session was informal and exploratory with no specific deadlines or rigidly defined outcomes. Participants were invited to bring instruments, sound making equipment, field recordings, effects processors, objects, etc. The workshop was open to any artists working with sound and improvising experimental musicians based near (or with connections to) Birmingham.

The starting point for the workshop was a brief discussion about the Rea Garden and any ideas which had arisen from the site visit. The day then saw people sharing ideas and processes, talking about their work and demonstrating their equipment, leading to an exploration of how different sounds can work together or in contrast; how different processes can be connected; and ways of collaborating in a performance setting.

Participants were encouraged to take part in live recordings, improvisations and performances which are documented here. Different combinations of instruments were explored; small groups and large ensembles; artists remixing or otherwise manipulating others’ sounds; experiments with new or untested techniques.


About Graham Dunning

Artist working in sound, installation and performance; Improvising musician and drummer. Based in London. http://grahamdunning.com
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