Release: Damo Suzuki and God Don’t Like It Ensemble – Live at Cafe Oto

Full live performance from legendary vocalist Damo Suzuki backed by an ensemble of nine musicians. The set spans noise, drone, motorik rhythms, ambient soundscapes, rock and funk.

Click here to download.

Recorded live at Cafe Oto, Dalston, London on 8th July 2011.
Performed by Damo Suzuki with Graham Dunning, James S Finn, Alice French, Marcus Hamblett, Justin Paton, Craig Tamlin, Georgina Treloar & Koichi Yamanoha.
Organised by Anthony Chalmers, aka God Don’t Like It.

Full line-up:
Damo Suzuki – vocals;
Chris Cook – Sitar;
Graham Dunning – Turntables and objects;
James S Finn – Synthesizer;
Alice French – Flute;
Marcus Hamblett – electronics and cornet;
Justin Paton – bass guitar;
Craig Tamlin – drums and percussion;
Georgina Treloar – Xylophone and percussion;
Koichi Yamanoha – Guitar.


About Graham Dunning

Artist working in sound, installation and performance; Improvising musician and drummer. Based in London.
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