Release: Ryan Jordan and Luke Moss Live

Ryan Jordan and Luke Moss – Live From the Crystal World Salon
Improvised noise performance using homemade sound sources created for the Crystal World Laboratory.

This performance took place at the Crystal World Laboratory salon event, on 21st July 2012. Artists who had been investigating and experimenting in the lab over the course of a week presented their results. Here, Ryan was performing using a simple electrical model of a neuron, with various chemical solutions emiting voltages which were then amplified. Luke is playing a home made turntable and reconstituted shellac record made by Graham Dunning, with a home-grown piezo crystal pick-up made by artist Lorah Pierre.

Ryan Jordan is a UK based electronic artist working with self made instruments and tools for live interactive performance. His work is focused on movement and the physicality in live electronic performance, noise and underground music, hypnosis and trance states, D.i.Y culture, FLOSSArt, and illusion.

Luke Moss has been exhibiting artwork for the last ten years primarily under the name Dybbuk and as part of the sound system Hekate in and around Europe including; Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. With a focus on the anthropomorphic interpretation of machines and objects, his painting could be described as narrative-driven hyper-surrealism.


About Graham Dunning

Artist working in sound, installation and performance; Improvising musician and drummer. Based in London.
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