Release: Dallas Simpson – The Ferroequinologist’s Dream

“I eventually decided to create a ‘cut-up’ edit of some recordings I made earlier this year of the Romney Hyde & Dymchurch Railway. Despite a gentle start, it’s rough and raw and not really my normal style of subtlety and sonic purity, more of an environmental noise art work, clicks, glitches, overloads and all. Ten tracks of train recordings rough cut together and playing simletaneously.”

Download free here

Dallas Simpson has spent over 10 years involved with recording and performing binaural soundworks. The subject of each recording varies from natural surroundings, to artificial environments. Binaural sound art is both a particular style of recording and a particular approach. By inserting very high quality sub-miniature microphones into his ears, Dallas is able to sample his own human hearing and record what is known as “binaural sound” to conventional 2-channel stereo, with all the potency of a three dimensional surround sound experience when replayed on headphones.

With thanks to Bob Meldrum.
Image taken by Helen Simpson of the Green Goddess steam locomotive on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Light Railway, used with permission.


About Graham Dunning

Artist working in sound, installation and performance; Improvising musician and drummer. Based in London.
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