Open Sound Group ran from 2010 to 2014 as a series of events and a netlabel, established and run by artist Graham Dunning. The project ended in December 2014 so I could concentrate on other projects. Info about those here: grahamdunning.com



Each Open Sound Group event is an opportunity for artists working in sound, musicians and composers, to meet in an informal setting, share ideas and techniques, and improvise or otherwise collaborate together. Working as open workshops the events’ schedules are formed and changed as the days unfold, allowing all participants to test out their new ideas and participate in others’. The focus is on experimentation and play without the pressure of specific targets; the results are documented on this blog and recordings released through the netlabel.

The Open Sound Group netlabel releases free, high quality recordings in the genres of sound art, experimental music, improvisation, field recordings, noise and ambient music. The focus of the label is to act as an archive for recordings from OSG events and collaborations between artists associated with the events. Additional releases have a wider scope, from artists, musicians and composers who share the ideals of OSG.

For more information please contact Graham Dunning through his website, grahamdunning.com.