AMN Reviews: C. Reider & C. Hodges – Four Improvisations

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Avant Music News

C. Reider & C. Hodges: Four Improvisations [open sound group]

This early 2013 offering from the Open Sound Group is, just as its title rather modestly states, four improvisations by sound artists C. Reider and C. Hodges, performed and recorded at various dates between 2010 and 2012. Throughout, Reider and Hodges employ various combinations of electronic and acoustic sound sources to produce soundscapes of a starkly intriguing beauty.

The first track is an entrancing twenty-four minute improvisation of metal (Hodges) and metal and electronics (Reider). Beginning with the shimmer of echoing metallic sounds, it unfolds into washes of electronic tones spreading out in long cycles. As the piece develops, long and short cycles of sound—grounded in echoes and drones—phase in and out. At the heart of it all are the sonic properties of metal as it is struck, scraped and rubbed. Reider and Hodges leave stretches of space between the…

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Release: Sophie Cooper – Steve Wright in the Afternoon



An album of recordings from Sophie Cooper’s tape archive, edited into the format of a radio show presented by her then seven-year-old brother. Through the tape hiss comes drone, pop, noise and instrumental guitar compositions.

Free download via

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Release: AAS – All Everywhere All The Time


aas-cover-2TN aas-cover-4TN
aas-cover-5TN aas-cover-3TN

The letters AAS do not stand for anything: they should be pronounced as a word. There is a core group of artists, but they are not AAS. One becomes part of AAS during a project. AAS is a self-producing artwork, creating itself through performance fictions and collective consciousness. These recordings span an indeterminate spacetime. [more info]

Free Download
Comes with a choice of five different covers, shown above.

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Release: Dunning x Testrack x Fisher – Triangle



Dunning x Testrack x Fisher – Triangle

Sound artists Graham Dunning and Gary Fisher with producer and electronic musician Testrack improvising three tracks of bass-heavy drone at the Penthouse artist space in Manchester, April 2013.

Free Download

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Release: Cullllt – Attached


Cullllt – Attached

“Attached” is the first release by the young Zurich based artist Cullllt. It mainly consists of improvisations (except “Attached“) which were made during a period of 2 months using cassette tapes, different objects, a casio and yamaha keyboard in combination with different effects as well as field recordings which were recorded live during the process. The improvisations originally had a length up to 40 minutes, of which a short passage was chosen and slightly edited to fit the album.

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Release: Open Sound Group – Penthouse


Improv, drone and noise recordings from the fifth OSG open workshop at The Penthouse, an artist led project space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, 11th April 2013. Participants were Debbie Sharp, Rosanne Robertson, Gary Fisher, Coryn Smethurst, Louise Woodcock, Rose Niland and Graham Dunning.

Free download.

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Release: Samekhmem – Drone-Drumming-Simplicity-Chiming-Drone


A series of five acoustic improvisations, responding to different aspects of the Eternal Drone. Recorded live for the Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone radio show on NTS Live, February 2013.

Samkhmem are performers of the Sacred Eternal Drone – a perpetual vibration that has always been and will always continue. This is both a performance fiction and a genuine proposition, without contradiction.

Samekhmem protect the Ark of Silence, the source of un-sound that creates space for the Sacred Eternal Drone to flow continuously through time.

By participating in the sacrament, a rite of separation, the congregation enter into the collective mystery of the Sacred Eternal Drone. Samekhmem offer a meditative environment for the audience’s inner journey, before words, before music.

Free Download

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